I paint all red

2014.01.16 19:36

Translated by: Mona N. Jade


Red is wind red is sky

Red is cloud red is pasture

Red is night red is dawn

Red eyed being with red anger

Red is eve red is morning

With red army comes a red king

Red is snow red is rose

Red is sin the corrupter of souls

Bed is red casket’s red

A red raven is on a blood red bough

Blood is red ruddy lips

In the deep of night-time I want you

Red is flesh red is rain

You will be the first not the last

Vein is red on my ruddy skin

Red leaf in the deep of forest

Red twilight red daytime

Red man with red trilby

Red water red mirror

Red sun sparkles on red sky

Blue is red grey is red

On a red ground a red furred gopher’s running

Red blood is splashing onto red snow

In the distance a red fox is running

Heart is red spirit is red

Red way I laugh red way I’m afraid

Red the shivers are red is loud laughter

A red little girl recites a red poetry somewhere

The lake is red the river is red

The whole globe is red and red