Damn Sweet words

2014.06.14 18:19

My translation. Please forgive my grammar mistakes, I'm not a master of English.


Damn sweet words that burning my ears an soul
Agonizing happyness, say why shoud I be here?
Lonely togetherness our every single moment.
We watch our tied hands with bleeding hope.
Damn sweet words which are glowing marks
Painful warmness what can easily dissappear

Desperate, silent scream calls out your name

Your bland words like bloodthirsty dog tears my soul apart.
Damn, sweet words, just what's left after you
I'll toss you into the glowing darkness
Agonizing happyness, that's where I live
In the luminous night, say why I am scared?
Lonely togetherness when I think about you
Dark angels descend from the sky
Bleeding hope clout instead of my heart
It cryes after you just to be with me