Create new birth

2014.01.15 21:08


The existence hurts.

It feels Its body as a thick dollop.

Then Its first thought is being born.

Around the dollop arises a thin shell. Skin. Then It focuses inward. Forms organs and bones. It concentrates strongly to everything to go perfectly, but the metamorphosis goes with terrible pain.

It wants to scream, but there is no throat yet.

First It must determine Its gender.

Ofcourse he'll be a male.

He pays as much attention at the outter parts as the interior.

His face is just as sharp as it's not rough, violent. Masculine. His nose is narrow, aristocratic-featured. His eyes sparkle as living emeralds. Evil. His lips are pale-fleshed. His upper lip is narrow with jagged edges, while the lower is mellow and soft. His black hair almost endlessly long.

He stands up. He finally sees, hears and feels. It's cold. He should get clothes somewhere. Aimlessly starts walking in the unlight street. However a storefront window make him stop.

Now he can see his entire body for the first time, and he notes: he did a perfect job.

Tall, lean muscled body, pale white skin, incredibly handsome face.